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Windows 10 Activation, Step by Step

When you start your computer for the first time you will be asked to type in your 25 digit product key. Also if you decide to install a different version of Windows 10 (such as an upgrade to the Enterprise version) or a store-bought copy of Windows 10, you will need to activate Windows as part of the installation process....

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Refurbished vs Used Computer

                 There is considerable difference between the used and refurbished laptops which are listed on various online sites. As opposed to a used laptop, which typically did not undergo any checks before selling, a refurbished laptop is thoroughly checked, reconditioned, and returned to its as-new status. Authorized Refurbisher often sells the computers with at least...

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Buy a Refurbished PC From a MAR

A Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher (MAR) is a company taking part in an official Microsoft program for licensing Windows and other software on refurbished computers. - A refurbished PC purchased through a Microsoft Authorized Refurbisher gives you anaffordable system that is pre-installed with genuine Microsoft software.With a broad range of applications available to you, such as Office, you can be productive in...

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