Refurbished vs Used Computer

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Refurbished vs Used Computer

                 There is considerable difference between the used and refurbished laptops which are listed on various online sites. As opposed to a used laptop, which typically did not undergo any checks before selling, a refurbished laptop is thoroughly checked, reconditioned, and returned to its as-new status. Authorized Refurbisher often sells the computers with at least 1 year of warranty which you may not get for a used laptop. 

                  A Refurbishing company will inspect and restore the laptop to working as new and for all intent and purposes be new. Buying a refurbished laptop will fetch a laptop with much higher specs than you originally anticipated for a much lower price. Latest version of windows is installed on the computer and all the specs of computer are upgraded according to current market computers specification like upgrading Ram and Hard Disk. Hard Disk are often replaced with Solid State Drive which are way faster than the traditional hard drives. 

                There is no much difference between new and refurbished computer regarding performance as it is tested and checked by trained technicians. A used computer will go different phases to get transformed  into a refurbished computer. They are installed with current market specifications, Graphic Cards, Operating System mostly. Moving on to the next stage Computers are cleaned with cleaning solutions and covered with skins to make sure it looks new. 

                Get premium video cards and software installed for a much cheaper price with refurbished laptops.

               At all computers are refurbished and all are in "Grade A " condition. However, they may have minor scratches on computer body which has no effect on the performance of the computer. All the computers are inspected and tested by trained technicians by using various Software and Hardware diagnostics Software tools. 


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