How to set up a iMac for the first time

How to set up a iMac for the first time

IMac Set up Process for the first time in Steps:

  1. Press the Power Button on your Mac to turn it ON.
  2. Select the Country (this will be the language that your computer will be written in across the system)
  3. Click Continue


  1. Select a Keyboard layout and click continue
  • This is how your keys will type out onto your computer, no matter what the physical keyboard looks like.


  1. Select your Wi-Fi network and Click Continue
  • If you are connecting to the internet using Ethernet, select Other network Options below and select Ethernet

  1. If you are setting up your iMac as a new Computer, select don’t transfer any information now


  1. Sign Up with your Apple ID and Password or you can skip it by clicking don’t sign in


  1. You are allowed to skip the login information(but it is recommended to sign up and sign)



  1. Click Agree to agree to the terms and conditions



  1. Enter an Account Name and Password for your iMac


Please make sure to Tick the box to allow my Apple ID to reset this password.

  1. Choose the set up options(express set up is recommended)


  1. It takes few minutes to set up your iMac and then you are good to go.




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